At Beaches Animal Hospital, we want to help our patients’ humans to be in the know and gain a better understanding of their pet’s health. We understand that sometimes, the experience can be overwhelming and that the questions you may have thought of on the drive over to us can suddenly disappear. We hope that you never leave an appointment wishing you had asked us a question or shared something you felt was important to bring up.

To ensure you get the most of your visits to our hospital, here are some tips:

Write it down

We’ll have a lot to discuss during your pet’s visit, and there’s nothing worse than drawing a blank when you know there was an important question you wanted to ask or not being able to recall your pet’s specific food brand. Come prepared by writing down the following:

  • Lists of your pet’s medications, preventive products, and supplements
  • Information about your pet’s food and treats, including brand names, types, amount, and frequency
  • Notes about your pet’s changes in behaviour
  • A list of questions about your pet’s health (common topics include weight and nutrition, behaviour changes, training, parasite prevention, dental care, vaccinations, disease progression, and pet insurance)

Understand and absorb

Don’t rely on your memory. To help you remember the information conveyed during the veterinary visit:

  • Use your smartphone to record exam room conversations.
  • Take notes during the appointment.
  • Ask our team for additional resources, including educational handouts, trusted online articles and websites, and more.

Communicate after the appointment

Many pet owners think of additional questions after leaving the veterinary hospital. Never hesitate to call us with your questions or concerns, whether your pet’s appointment was today or two weeks ago. Your pet’s health is our top priority, and we want to partner with you to provide him with a long, healthy life.

We look forward to seeing you and your furry companion the next time you’re in! As always, you are welcome to contact us if you need assistance.