Having pets is a great joy in life, and we bet many of you out there feel thankful for the furry friend in your life. Not only are pets great family members and companions, but owning them comes with countless benefits. Here are just a few!

Mental health boost

Interacting with your pet, even through simple petting, raises the oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine levels in your brain, boosting those “feel good” endorphins. Pet ownership combats anxiety and depression by increasing your feelings of well-being when you care for your beloved companion.

Increased activity

It’s tough to find the motivation to exercise, especially as chilly winter conditions draw near. With the help of your four-legged friend, you have an encouraging workout buddy who will nudge you into sticking to your exercise goals. Regardless of weather conditions, a rousing game of fetch, a stroll around the block, or a play session with a toy mouse is always to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Physical health perks

Besides the increased exercise you receive by playing with your pet, you also experience a few changes in your physical health. Owning and caring for a pet reduces your blood pressure and risk for heart disease by lowering triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Socialization opportunities

As texting and social media take over real-life interactions, it can be challenging to form connections with new people. Pets are excellent ways to cross barriers. Dog parks, animal shelters, pet-friendly events, and yes, even social media groups are excellent ways to meet new friends with similar interests. We’ll admit—at parties, you can find us in the corner snuggling the host’s dog, but pets are great ice-breakers and can get a conversation flowing.

We at Beaches Animal Hospital understand the importance of your furry friend, and we want to be there to help when it comes to your pet’s health. Contact us to schedule a wellness visit.