With the summertime in full swing, you may be considering heading out on a trip. Thinking of bringing your pet along as a travel buddy? Before hitting the road or flying with your four-legged companion, check out our pre-departure tips.

Check with your destination to ensure you have your pet’s appropriate paperwork

Passing the hurdles of airline security, car rental mix-ups, and lost luggage is difficult enough without the hassle of forgetting your pet’s important paperwork. Before travelling, schedule a physical exam for your furry friend to ensure she’s healthy enough for a trip, booster her necessary vaccinations, fill out the required paperwork, and stock up on her medications.

A health certificate is often required for pets who travel across state or country borders, which we can fill out during her appointment. Airlines, bus lines, and car rental companies may also require additional paperwork, such as vaccination and health records, so ensure you have all the necessary paperwork before hitting the road.

Not all places or travel routes are pet-friendly

Before booking your plane ticket or renting a car, check the company’s pet policy. Many airlines have restrictions on breed, size, and weight, and may not fly your pet in frigid temperatures if she is too large to travel in the cabin and must ride in the cargo hold.

Although flying is the quickest way to travel, if you opt for a bus, boat, or rental car, check the company’s website, or call before choosing a travel method and hotel accommodations, because these companies have their own regulations.

Pets can easily become stressed with travel

Like people, pets can succumb to the stresses of travel. New smells, unfamiliar transportation, and different litter can throw your pet off balance. Cats are especially prone to stress-induced issues, such as overgrooming and inappropriate elimination. Make your pet’s trip as pleasant as possible by bringing her food, bedding, blankets, toys, treats, and litter from home to help her settle into her holiday accommodations.

Are you planning a getaway with your furry companion? Contact us to schedule an appointment and let us help you with her vaccinations, medications, or filling out her health certificate.