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Katniss was brought into the clinic as a 2 year old kitty (DOB July 2017), she was found living outside. She is a sleek black cat with bright yellow eyes, she is very inquisitive of her new home and has made quick friends with her other cat roommates. Katniss was introduced to human interaction late in her life and is scared when new people approach her but she is slowly coming out of her shell. Her foster mom reports that when she has people over Katniss will come out of hiding and sit near their feet but will still not allow to be pet. Every once and awhile her foster mom will make her snuggle with her and after a few minutes she will purr but Katniss will eventually run off to play with her one foster brother. Katniss is food motivated and she is at her cuddliest around meal time, this time allows her foster mum to pick her up for snuggles and Katniss will loudly purr. This little black cat enjoys hunting for her prey (toy on a string) and will chase a ball when thrown. Katniss is spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped & viral tested (bother FIV & Feline Leukemia negative). Katniss will require a very patient and calm adopter, she is a sweet cat that needs her person(s) to understand that she does not fit into a cookie cutter of what a house cat typically is but she does want to interact with her new family with time and understanding.



Stymie is an incredibly outgoing, 5 year old, tuxedo, male cat with a winning personality that will brighten your day as soon as you meet him. While knowing of how awesome he is, he is very humble and would rather just accept all the pets and back rubs you have to offer as your acknowledgment. While out and about in the clinic he gets along well with dogs but unfortunately he was returned to us because he would like to be the only cat in your household, Top Cat so to speak. He would also do well with older children due to his laid back nature and their willingness for free affection and belly rubs to be bestowed onto him. He does have a bit of a sassy streak and may give love bites on your leg from time to time usually around meal times. He has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and viral tested (negative for both FIV & Feline Leukemia). While it is hard to believe by looking at his photo, he did have a weight problem that has been successfully managed by a diet and he has reached his goal weight that will need to be followed by his new home so that he stays in fighting form (also to avoid any health issues in the future relating to obesity). He can be vocal at times when trying to get more food so his new person would need to be firm with not giving in and redirecting his attention elsewhere. Stymie is looking for his forever home.


This sweet, senior cat named Nicky was surrendered to us when one of his previous caregivers died and his other caregiver had to move where they do not allow pets. He is an affectionate, gentle natured feline who still enjoys a good catnip pillow. Nicky does get along well with other well behaved cats and will go about his business if they are well mannered. While Nicky is considered a senior, he still has a lot of life still left and his recent blood work showed no irregularities and that he was in good health. He is looking for a home that will provide him a warm lap to sit on and a window with the sun shining in so he can curl up for a cat nap. Nicky is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed & viral tested negative.


Sushi is as sweet as they come! Originally rescued as a youngster from a high risk shelter, Sushi took some time to warm up to her surroundings. Today, she adores loves her foster humans and siblings both feline and canine! This 5 year old beauty looks like a leggy supermodel. Her foster mom says her photos don’t do her justice. Her gorgeous green eyes and stunning colouring will captivate you.

Sushi can still spook at loud noises or a lot of activity, so a quieter home is best for her. Once you earn her trust, she will cozy up for cuddles with whomever is up for it. She especially loves her foster feline siblings and would be happiest in a home with at least one other friend to curl up with. She is always up for a mutual grooming session!

She’s learned to “talk back” when you “shhhh” her and it’s one of her many endearing traits. Her foster parents love her little chirps and mews! Once she is comfortable, she is a little comic and flirt too. She can get little bursts of energy and engages in play when the mood strikes. She is a self-professed catnip junkie 🙂 You can most often find her nearby snoozing the day away, in a sunny patch near a window.

Surely she sounds too perfect you are thinking? Well. You are right. There is ONE very specific vice with this ball of cute. She love cords and chewing on them. So, her foster parents have learned through several trips to Best Buy that the best way to keep her and their electrical cables safe is by hiding them where possible or by spraying with a (all natural) Bitter Apple spray which has done the trick nicely! A nice big bottle will accompany Sushi to her new home 😉

In all the time she has spent in her foster home, there hasn’t been an ounce of anything but pure sweetness from this sweet girl. She’s been in wonderful health, is spayed, and up to date on vaccines. Happily, she has no interest in exploring the outdoors and she has been strictly kept inside which she’s been happy to go along with.

It’s taken a long time for her foster family to find the right forever family because Sushi is really so sweet and very special, and only the perfect family will do!

Interested parties should contact Sushi’s foster mom, Larysa at


Farley is an ultra-affectionate and gentle cat who loves every person he meets. He was rescued from Montreal streets in rough shape, no longer eating, teeth almost gone, FIV-positive. Since then Farley has recovered well following vet treatments and lives in a kind foster home, where all he wants to do is play and cuddle and literally jump in the air to get patted. So far Farley has recurring stomatitis in his mouth and the vet bills may be higher than average. This loving kitty needs a forever home with someone with the resources to manage whatever costs may arise. Farley is currently in a foster home looking for his forever someone, please contact us if you are interested in Farley.